Hepatica nobilis has simple single flowers in shades of pink, white or blue, flowering between February and April. The handsome glossy evergreen, three-lobed foliage can be beautifully marbled. The size and form can be very variable, but the lobes are generally rounded. Height: 9-15cm (4-6 inches)

Hepatica nobilis should be planted on a cool, well-drained slope in a light ‘fluffy’ soil rich in leaf mould. It is essential that they are exposed to early spring sunshine, but they must receive plenty of shade immediately after flowering and especially during the heat of the summer. They will thrive under deciduous trees and shrubs or in crevices in the rock garden, performing best where there is good humidity. They respond well to a top-dressing of leaf-mould in autumn and an annual feed of fish, blood and bone in late winter. Remove old leaves just before flowering.

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