The elusive H. falconeri is possibly a living fossil, the link between Anemone and Hepatica. This is a deciduous perennial Hepatica, flowering with the new leaves.

Produces small white flowers, which can occasionally be flushed pink on the outside. The leafy bracts (involucre) appear approximately 1.5cm below the flower this feature is unique to H. falconeri. Flowering April-May in the wild. The deciduous foliage is deeply divided into three-lobes; these lobes are further shallowly dissected resulting in many rounded teeth. The green leaves, which can also be marbled, are covered in short hairs; occasionally the undersides have a red flush.

H. falconeri can be found in Central Asia, scattered along ‘The Silk Road’, in the Pamir Mountains and the Tien Shan in Kashmir, Northern Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan. On rocky slopes, rock crevices, shady clearings and in mixed woodland, often under birch, (Betula tienshanica), spruce (Picea schrenkiana) and shrubs, including Berberis, Lonicera and Euonymus. Altitude 1,835- 2,500 metres.

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