A distinct form with nicely pewtered foliage and pink flowers with purple noses from August to the end of October. Best grown in the alpine house in deep pots to accommodate the long tap roots. A summer bake, together with some moisture from below will induce flowering. Originated from wild collected material.

Alpine House cultivation: All cyclamen are suitable for alpine house cultivation, especially the more tender species. The alpine house should receive maximum light, but will require shading in summer. Good air circulation is crucial and extra vents are a must. We advise growing this cyclamen in deep pots, using a suitable compost. This may be made up by mixing two parts (by bulk) of John Innes compost No2, one part of Perlite and one part of shredded leaf mould. This cyclamen is best watered from a saucer underneath the pot with the excess disguarded after an hour. Top dress all tubers with a layer of grit. Give just enough heat to exclude frost in very cold weather. Otherwise, plunging your pots in sand or covering with horticultural fleece during very cold spells will give an amazing amount of extra protection.

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United Kingdom (England, Wales, Mainland Scotland, Scottish Islands, Scottish Highlands, Isle of Wight, Northern Ireland, Isles of Scilly)