When we look out into space, we are looking back in time. The light arriving at our location from the farthest objects in the universe is light that left those objects billions of years ago. For that reason we see them as they would have appeared in an era which pre-dates history as we know it.

Modern technology has helped answer some of the most compelling astronomical questions of our time, as well as uncovering new mysteries. Black holes, nebulas and planets circling around other stars, are all there.  Technology has changed the face of astronomy, ushering in a new chapter of humanity’s exploration of the universe.

In 1995, the famous Hubble telescope captured a photograph known today as the ‘Pillars of Creation’. These long columns of gas and dust are incubators for new stars. Designer, Vicky Lovatt, stumbled across these mysterious images of the pillars and was enraptured by their sheer beauty. She was particularly fascinated to learn that certain nebulas had been given animal names because they resembled various different earthbound species including an eagle, a butterfly and a horse.

The vastness of space, and the incredible shapes into which nebulas were formed, prompted the designer to let them freely develop in her mind and emerge in her art. Pillars of Creation, brought to you on the same sphere that Vicky used when she designed for the award-winning Stoke-on-Trent exhibit at RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 2014, could be said to have been a lifetime in the making. Across its surface, we see the mystical black outlines of the animals representing the nebulas, dozens of colourful planets orbiting in their solar systems, some with detailed craters etched on their surface and, of course, Vicky’s very own signature stars, dazzling and twinkling across a dark, unknown universe. This is a work of art which may well be Vicky’s finest masterpiece to date.  It will not be her last. 

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