30 seeds per packet.

The numerous white or pale pink flowers which nestle in a rosette of deciduous glaucous-green leaves, open fully on sunny days. Not easy in cultivation but worth attempting. Best plunged in the alpine house. Keep moist in spring, and just slightly moist even after flowering when plants quickly become dormant. New growth appears in September/October. 

Position: In the wild, evergreen Lewisias are frequently found growing vertically in shady rocky crevices, where the roots can reach moisture, but where the collar of the plant remains perfectly drained. If possible, a similar position should be found in the garden, where their natural habitat can be simulated. A well-drained soil is preferred, slightly on the acid side, and once established they will grow happily on any crevice where they can gain a foothold. Lewisias are very frost hardy. They are ideal plants for the alpine house or cold greenhouse, where, protected from the elements, they will flower to perfection.

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United Kingdom (England, Wales, Mainland Scotland, Scottish Islands, Scottish Highlands, Isle of Wight, Northern Ireland, Isles of Scilly)