Clematis texensis 'Princess Diana'  belongs to the texensis group of clematis which typically produce a profusion of semi-nodding long pitcher-shaped blooms. It is a late-season clematis (Pruning Group 3) that produces flowers in summer and autumn on the current year's growth.

Pruning: Group 3 clematis make new growth from the base each year, so can be cut back hard annually in late February or March, cutting back all the old stems to the lowest pair of healthy buds 15-30cm (6in-1ft) above soil level.

Cultural information: Clematis perform best in a deep, rich soil that remains moist but well-drained. They like their heads in the sun but the base of the plant should be kept cool and shaded by other plants. A layer of pebbles at the base will also be beneficial. Plant your new clematis with the crown 5–8cm (2–3in) deep to encourage new shoots to grow from below ground level and keep it well watered during its first Spring and Summer. Rootgrow (beneficial mycorrhizal beneficial fungi) sprinkled on the roots prior to planting will aid root development. Clematis are greedy feeders and benefit from regular feeding with Chempak Clematis Food.

Support: Clematis need to be well supported from the base upwards at all times as wind rock can cause the stems to break and wilt: they require a firm framework to grow on such as a trellis, obelisk or pergola using clematis plastic netting as additional support. Regularly tie in young shoots using a soft tie such as Flexi-tie. Alternatively allow them to scramble through a large established shrub.

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