Clematis cartmanii and its cultivars originate from species native to New Zealand. It is prolific in flower and has attractive evergreen foliage which is non-clinging. This group of clematis is dioecious (producing either male or female flowers).It is an early season clematis (Pruning Group 1) that flowers early in the year on shoots produced in the previous summer.

Cultural information: This group of clematis is semi hardy, requiring a warm sheltered position with a very free-draining soil in sun or partial shade. It is well suited to growing in pots using a well-drained gritty compost which can be brought into the protection of a cold glasshouse or conservatory in winter; it also makes a lovely subject for the alpine house. Plant your new clematis with the crown 5–8cm (2–3in) deep to encourage new shoots to grow from below ground level and keep it well watered during its first Spring and Summer. Rootgrow (beneficial mycorrhizal beneficial fungi) sprinkled on the roots prior to planting will aid root development. Clematis are greedy feeders and benefit from regular feeding with Chempak Clematis Food.

Pruning: Group 1 clematis do not need regular pruning but may be pruned if necessary after flowering in mid- to late spring. Trim overlong branches and prune back dead or winter-damaged shoots to a pair of healthy buds. Old congested plants can be renovated by cutting all stems back almost to the base, just after flowering. To restore the plants vigour apply Blood, Fish and Bone, mulch and water in dry spells.

Support: They are non-clinging so they require a firm framework to grow on such as a trellis, obelisk or pergola using clematis plastic netting as additional support. Regularly tie in young shoots using a soft tie such as Flexi-tie. Alternatively allow them to scramble through established shrubs. If grown in pots, they can be grown with little support, allowing them to tumble down over the sides of the pot and creating a truly spectacular sight when in flower.

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