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Accurate information about the weather is essential to gardeners and growers.  Here at Ashwood we are extremely fortunate to have our own amateur meteorologist who provides us with extremely reliable weather guidance based on various sources and whilst we can’t take any responsibility for their accuracy or content, we hope you will enjoy sharing this guidance. (Updated each Monday)

UK Satellite Image /Surface and Synoptic Analysis Chart 

Monday 22nd May 2017

Warming up through the coming week, potentially all going ‘bang’ next weekend as this edges erratically eastwards some of this thundery and heavy in nature, turning fresher too …..There’s a good deal of high cloud currently making the skies quite ‘milky’ in nature across the bulk of the UK and generally thicker cloud associated with frontal systems approaching the northwest, which is producing some rain…….in any lengthier sunny spells across the south and southeast it’ll be feeling pleasantly warm……cloud and rain across the north eases overnight where it turns chilly, milder across the south of the country……..

The Next Five Days or so…….(Charts courtesy of

Pressure builds through the coming week, this fending off rain bearing Atlantic frontal systems attempting to bring fresher conditions in from the west, it will probably be in the latter stages of the weekend or early next week before this is felt across many areas………mornings may be chilly and misty in one ore two spots through the early stages of the coming week, but generally the conditions are set fair and increasingly warm day on day, potentially very warm across the south and southeast by Friday and into the beginning of the weekend……..northwestern areas of the UK are always likely to be prone to cloudier weather with some murk or drizzly rain from time to time and there’s an increasing risk of a thundery breakdown developing int the beginning of the weekend through western Britain…….

GFS Surface pressure / Rainfall 








Jet Stream developments close to the UK and across the North Atlantic……










The jet steam which has recently brought a rather mixed pattern of weather across the UK begins to track a little further to north and takes on the characteristic ‘omega’ shape associated with developing higher pressures to the south of the jet…..later in the week this block weakens allowing eastward progress of Atlantic systems potentially…….

Temperature and Rainfall Prospects…….



………Temperatures on the up through the short term then falling away as fresher and more unsettled conditions move into the UK ……


Temperatures through the week – 

(minimums ending 06z)……..









(maximums ending to 18z)……..









Rainfall……dry conditions prevailing through the short term the a rather more unsettled albeit showery regime taking centre stage …….



Looking further ahead…….Using the 500mb GFS and CFS Forecast…….there’s generally agreement that higher pressure may be establishing itself across the near continent, lower pressure to the northwest, therefore a northwest to southeast split………






The CFS forecast is indicating high pressure in control through the beginning of June so perhaps a fine start, however its influence wains through mid-month, the south fairing best….