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Accurate information about the weather is essential to gardeners and growers.  Here at Ashwood we are extremely fortunate to have our own amateur meteorologist who provides us with extremely reliable weather guidance based on various sources and whilst we can’t take any responsibility for their accuracy or content, we hope you will enjoy sharing this guidance. (Updated each Monday)

UK Satellite Image /Surface and Synoptic Analysis Chart 

Monday 27th February 2017

Settled at first, rain moving through all areas with temperatures picking up to become very mild….

Mixed fortunes across the UK on this mornings satellite image, many areas bright and sunny whilst a tongue of low cloud and mist is making it a dull cloudy and rather chilly beginning to the week…..this low cloud may break up through the morning and into the afternoon but may persist to leave a rather coo day with just a glimmer of brightness coming through….cloud will be thickening up from the southwest and there’s the increasing threat of showery rain moving in….this heralding the onset of a rather more unsettled scenario through the coming week……

Monday’s synoptic chart……





The Next Five Days or so…….(Charts courtesy of

Pressure is remaining relatively high at the moment o the emphasis continues to be one of mainly settled and dry conditions, however this is likely to alter to a rather more unsettled but much milder regime…….this change is likely to be underway through the early hours of Tuesday as cloud and rain the southwest extends across the bulk of England and Wales,it’ll be feeling chilly across the north at first but becoming very mild across the south by the look of the charts given the source of the flow and some sunny spells…….through the middle of the week it be breezy but very mild across southern Britain outbreaks of rain through western and central Britain but perhaps drier to the southeast and the northwest……given some shelter, it’ll be drier to the east and southeast during the latter stages of the week but remaining very mild, cloudy with some drizzle through the western coastal regions at times… the week draws to a close, further showers may gang together to bring more prolonged outbreaks of rain for a time and remaining very mild……

GFS Surface pressure / Rainfall and Jet Stream  Prospects…….





Temperature and Rainfall Prospects…….

Temperatures t climbing back to normal or above during the coming week……spring well underway now…..



Temperatures through the week –



(minimums ending 06z)……..








(maximums ending to 18z)……..





Rainfall the indications are that the current rather unsettled nature of the conditions will alter to a much more settled regime with rainfall concentrated across northern and northwestern Britain…..then essential dry for time before further rainfall shows its hand across then northwest later in the forecast period…….








Looking further ahead…….Using the 500mb GFS and CFS Forecast

The ECMWF / GFS / CMC (10 day) 500mb all in agreement that pressure is likely to be higher across  the southern region of UK and northwestern Europe in generally so essentially a dry and settled scenario is likely to be developing in the medium term her, somewhat more unsettled for the northwest……


The CFS forecast indicates Pressure looks set to be generally higher than normal across much of the UK indeed the bulk of Europe through the next few weeks……this would suggest generally dry conditions persisting through early spring….perhaps warmer in mid-period ……fresher later……