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Gardening Advice for July

Weather permitting, July is a month in which the flower border should be at its best and it should be possible to enjoy eating, or simply sitting out of doors during the day and on into the long evenings. It’s also a rewarding time for fruit and vegetable growers as they begin to harvest their crops. July is the perfect month in which to visit some of the many flower shows and gardens up and down the country…..don’t forget to take your camera and a pad and pencil to make a note of the varieties you may wish to purchase.

Hydrangeas are one of the undisputed star performers of the July garden. The spectacular showy blooms  of Hydrangea macrophylla and serrata cultivars make them indispensable for mid to late summer colour in the garden, with their fading flower heads adding interest through autumn and winter. Roses too are an irresistible part of the summer scene, whether traditional hybrid teas and floribundas, romantic English and shrub roses, or diminutive patio roses.

Red-leaved berberis and cotinus are now at their peak, contrasting beautifully with the flamboyant blooms of hydrangeas and roses. Shrubby potentilla, hypericum and cistus all add interest while honeysuckles, lavender, buddleja and daphne will fill the garden full of scent. Showy herbaceous plants and floaty grasses are coming into their own while many of the summer flowering clematis are at their best, providing a colourful backdrop in the borders.

July 2017 at Ashwood