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11Jun 2017-24Jul 2017

Heavenly Hydrangeas

‘Heavenly Hydrangeas’ is a celebration of hydrangeas, one of the undisputed star performers of summer. Their spectacular showy blooms make them indispensable for mid to late summer colour in the garden, with their fading flower heads adding interest through autumn and winter.

A lacecap hydrangea with double ray florets

A lacecap hydrangea with double ray florets

Whether you like your hydrangeas with mopheads, lacecaps or panicles, or perhaps you have a preference for pink, blue or white flowers, whether your garden is large or small, you’ll find there’s something for everyone…you really will be spoilt for choice with our dazzling selection. As well as Hydrangea macrophylla and serrata varieties you’ll discover an impressive range of other hydrangea species and their cultivars including aspera, arborescens, paniculata and quercifolia.

Why not pay us a visit….? You can enjoy browsing through the stunning displays of hydrangeas in our inspirational sales areas. We’re really proud of the amount of care we give our plants: they’re grown in a perfect environment and have been lovingly nurtured by our expert team.

A free cultural guide….There will be plenty of cultural information including a free guide for visitors to this event that will explain how to get the best from your hydrangeas. The Garden Shop will highlight a variety of recommended liquid feeds, colourants, fertilisers and composts.

JOHN’S GARDEN OPEN DAY: If you are able to visit on ‘John’s Garden’ Open Day on Saturday July 15th you will see a fine selection of Hydrangea serrata, aspera, arborescens and quercifolia in flower in nursery owner John Massey’s beautiful garden.

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Blaumeise' © J. Buckley

Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Blaumeise’ © J. Buckley

The Flower Shop: hydrangea blooms for the home

Try hydrangea blooms in the home