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01-31Aug 2017

Go Wild in the Garden

This free event takes place throughout August and is aimed at families, keen gardeners and wildlife conservationists. It puts wildlife gardening and conservation in the limelight and looks at the many easy and fun ways you can make a few small changes to turn your garden into a haven for wildlife.

'Let's Get Buzzing' for insect-friendly gardens

‘Let’s Get Buzzing’ for insect-friendly gardens

No matter how big or small your garden, everyone can make a difference and create a sanctuary for nature. If every garden played a part, imagine the giant patchwork of habitats that could be created, all the new homes for birds, frogs, toads, hedgehogs, bees, butterflies and other mini-beasts that could be made….and all the mouths that could be fed.

What’s happening?
Insect Hotel in the Nature Trail

Insect Hotel in the nursery garden

‘Let’s Get Buzzing’  will focus on plants to attract pollinating insects and there will be lots of  planting ideas for creating a colourful and varied garden bursting with food and shelter.

‘Give Wildlife a Home’ will showcase a wide range of insect hotels, bee boxes, hedgehog houses, nesting boxes, bird feeders and tables together with a superb selection of quality bird foods. There will be a wealth of beautiful books and themed gardening accessories for all ages.

‘Wildlife Conservation in the Spotlight’.  Throughout the month, there will be plenty of  information on conservation, a photo-tour display of our Wildlife Meadow as well as regular visits from conservation groups. PLUS…don’t miss the Woodpecker Feeder Cam in The Garden Shop.

Some dates for your diary:

WORCESTERSHIRE WILDLIFE TRUST: Saturday August 5th– Friday August 11th

BIRD RINGING: Sunday August 13th | 9am-11am | a FREE activity for all the family read more

WILDSIDE ACTIVITY CENTRE: Saturday August 12th– Friday August 19th

VISIT THE WILDLIFE MEADOW ( John’s Garden Open Day) : Sunday August 20th | 10am-4pm | Entrance: £5.00 (garden and meadow)

MOTH MORNING: Sunday August 20th | 9am- 12noon | a FREE activity for all the family showcasing the fascinating world of moths: read more

BUTTERFLY CONSERVATION: Sunday August 20th–Friday August 25th

RSPB: to be announced

A welcome visitor

Give Wildlife a Home: a welcome visitor

Give Nature a Home: a bird-friendly garden

Give Wildlife a Home: a bird-friendly garden